Females for Sale

Jigaru alpacas take pride in their variety and quality of females used in their breeding program.   Male selection for our females is based on trying to achieve the best possible outcome, using proven genetics and breeding traits.


A selection of females are available for sale.  Click for Huacaya or Suri


Female alpacas with a status of not pregnant, can be mated to your choice of the many Jigaru owned sires.  Assistance with this choice to achieve your required outcome is available.




Price Range:    $500. to $1000.



Jigaru              IAR: 



DOB:   17/12/2003





Jigaru            IAR: 


DOB:  7/2/07





Jigaru Shear Celebration       IAR:    


Celebration is a mirror image of her mother Judy.  Judy has given us some of our best female lines to date.


Celebration in not pregnant     $1000





Jigaru Shear Blue   IAR:   154653


Blue is a BEW female, so therefore has the potential to breed grey when put to dark fawn, brown or black males.

DOB:  16/12/09

Blue is pregnant to JIgaru Blackhawke, due Feb 2017                    800+gst






Price Range:    $1001. - $2000.



Jigaru Shear Enchantress  IAR:  121191


Enchantress is a Med Fawn female who was part of our show team in her younger days.

She has great personality and charm.

DOB:   27/9/08

She is mated to Jigaru Free Radical  Due Feb 2017


$1500 + gst



Jigaru Renaissance   IAR:  121184


Renai is an extremely fine Med. Brown girl who passes her fineness onto her cria.

DOB:  21/4/08

Renai is currently pregnant to our stud male Jigaru Extreme Impact, she is due March 2013                                 $1500 +gst






Merungle Sweet Dream   IAR: 55842


Sweet Dream is a lovely peruvian female showing excellent character and style for her age.

DOB:   15/7/03

Currently open


                                         $1800 +gst 





Price On Application.




 Jigaru Extravaganza                  IAR:  187051

DOB:  20/10/2011                    21.1 micron


Pregnant to Jigaru Ballroom Blitz (due March 2017)



Jigaru Showgirl                        IAR:  198783

DOB:  21/12/2013                    20.6 micron


Pregnant to Ballinfield Celestial Spirit (due December 2016)





Jigaru Europa                       IAR:  187095

DoB:   28/12/2014                15.8 micron


Pregnant to Ballinfield Celestial Sprit (due April 2017)




Jigaru Flying High                IAR:  198788

DOB:   01/11/2014              18.0 micron


Pregnant to Jigaru Moonspirit (due Feb 2017)




Jigaru Grand Slam               IAR:  187096

DOB:   12/11/2014              18.6 micron


Pregnant to Jigaru Moonspirit (due Feb 2017)




Jigaru Sophisticate              IAR:  198790

DOB:   14/04/2014             20.0 micron


Pregnant to 'Ballinfield Celestial Spirit (due Feb 2017)




Jigaru Brianna                    IAR:  198772

DOB:   24/03/2013               21.9 micron


Currently open.




Jigaru Primo Bono              IAR:  228898

DOB  14/12/2015





Details and Pictures Coming Soon






Price Range:    $500. to $1000.





Price Range:    $1000. to $2000.



Jigaru Spring Amoryllis   IAR:   170757


Amoryllis is a BC2 Suri from our old male Chia Park Zip Drive (Black) and our lines that show consistent high degree lustre.

DOB:   1/9/10

Amoryllis is not currently pregnant.




Hevnlee Dancing Jezabel



Price on Application:










Details and Pictures Coming Soon