Stud Males

Jigaru alpacas run several stud males to suit the ever evolving requirements of their breeding program. Jigaru stud males are available for outside services either on farm or mobile. Click for Huacaya or Suri





Windsong Valley Kichirou              $880.00


Solid White                     IAR:  140064


Kichirou is a co-owned male and resides at our stud for part of the year.

His progeny are having sensational successes in the showring including classes at Royal Melbourne Show, Colourbration and The AAA National Show and Sale, in large classes.

His fleece is is of a high frequency and amplitude, soft handling, dense and fine.  His conformation is correct and proportionate.

Background genetics include:  Windsong Valley Iceman, Purrumbete Highlander, Purrumbete Ledgers Dream



Ballinfield Celestial Spirit              $880.00


Solid Light Fawn                  IAR:  114983


Spirit is a large male who grows a lovely length of fleece.  His crimp style is of a lower frequency, but of very high amplitude.

His progeny are displaying a floppy style of fleece with the broader style of crimp, however holding fineness aswell.

Progeny have hit the show ring and are doing well.

Background genetics incloude:  Camelot Tor, Jolimont Attitude, ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate, 



Jigaru Free Radical                      $880.00


Solid Medium Fawn                 IAR:   127616


Radical is a 6 year old male who has scored himself quite a name on the show circuit due to his continued success.

He carries a dense, fine fleece of excellent length and character.  He is easily handled and eager to please.

His progeny have also had some success in the showring, displaying stylish dense fleeces.

Background genetics include:  Shanbrooke Casanova,

Shanbrooke Elite, Peruvian Sonoma, Purrumbete Compass Rose, Swan Valley Heritage, Purrumbete Highlander.



Lentara Summer Reign                  $880.00


Rose Grey                         IAR:  129585


Reign is a co-owned stud male and is also well known on the show scene.  At 4 years of age he continues to succeed in the show ring.  His fleece is of a high frequency crimp style and is extremely fine and dense.  Background genetics include:  Merungle Gypsy Fireball, 






Jigaru Extreme Impact              $770.00


Solid White                     IAR:   129962


Impact is all that his name says.  Extreme Impact. He grows an abundance of fleece of excellent length and character.

His first two progeny had all of his traits and did very well in their one and only show.

Looking forward to seeing more Impact babies in the next 12 months.

Background genetics include:  ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate, ILR Colorado Extreme, Almora Auzzie Frost, Shanbrooke Colorado Prince



Jigaru Blackhawke                    $660.00


Solid Black                    IAR:   127613


One of the very few alpacas in Victoria with these bloodlines.   Blackhawke displays a stylish highly lustrous black fleece which is of excellent length and deliciously soft.

He has a stocky build with excellent strength of bone and intense fleece coverage.

His sire is from Tas. Hawthorn Cottage Thulu.  Thulu was an inspirational black male in his younger days with a bright moppy style fleece.

Blackhawkes progeny are displaying excellent fleece lengths and styles.



Jolimont Hamal                           $660.00


Solid White                  IAR:  173641


Hamal is a dense male, with a broader style of crimp with high amplitude.

It is yet to be seen what he can do, however with his fleece style, conformation and genetics we are excited to put him to work.

Background genetics include:  Jolimont Tucapel (Imp)  Hamal is a co-owned stud male.




Merungle Gypsy Fireball                $660.00


Rose Grey                    IAR:   55758


Fireball is an 11 year old male.  He is still displaying a high frequency crimp style along with excellent density and fineness for his age.

A keen worker and a proven producer of greys.

Fireball is a co-owned stud male.

Background genetics include:  Merungle Hot Chili,  Peruvian Sonoma



Jigaru Moonspirit  not available for outside stud


Solid White                    IAR:  





Jigaru Ballroom Blitz  $770.00


Solid Medium Fawn                      IAR:  






Young males awaiting certification




Jigaru Pantheon

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Jigaru Trend Setter

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Mandrake Maxi                   $880.00


Solid White                         IAR:  


Maxi is co-0wned with Xrllent Alpacas Mt Wallace Vic.




Mandrake Manuel              $880.00


Solid White                         IAR:  


Manuel is co-owned with Xrllent Alpacas Mt Wallace Vic.




Jigaru Langley Pride                  $880.00


Solid Medium Fawn                 IAR: 108717


Langley is a BC2 Suri Stud male, he is a co-owned male, residing full time at Jigaru.

Langleys progeny are proving to be of an outstanding quality, displaying excellent locking and lustre.

Background genetics include:  Jingana Ra, Pucara Mr. Mr. Mahogany.


Jigaru The Processor                 $880.00


Solid White                   IAR:   127605


The Processor is one of our white sons of Chia Park Zip Drive (Black).  He did well in the show ring as a young male.  He has a dense fleece with excellent lustre and locking.  He is an upright male of good conformation and bone.  Processor is a BC3 suri.

We are extremely happy with his first cria and look forward to his summer drop.


Jigaru Parthenius                         $880.00


Solid White                       IAR:  129957


Parthenius is our other white son of Chia Park Zip Drive.  Parth has been away working and returns to us with the news of great results.  He has thrown 100% to huacaya & suri dams, covering the required amount for us to be able to declare him as a homozygous male.  He has thrown many coloured suris and of excellent qualities.  He is passing on his traits of a well nourished lustrous independently locking suri fleece.




Young males awaiting certification


Jigaru Flash Drive

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Hevnlee Flight

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Jigaru Jazzman

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